THE YOGA SLIDE fan favorite

Over the weekend I decided to overhaul my whole blog. I gave it a new theme and a new look, hopefully resolving some of the issues I was having with it. It took most of my “free” time to get it completed, eating up any time I had for writing new content. If only I had an IT person and didn’t have to muddle my way through!

Since I want to keep up the momentum and share a new blog post each week, I thought I would share a kids yoga fan favorite…THE YOGA SLIDE. They love it! The kids in my classes request it and ask to do it again. The song is on Haris Lender’s (Kidding Around Yoga) Namaste ‘n Play CD. She does go a bit fast in parts, but the kids don’t seem to notice. They have a ball! If it is not part of your kids yoga repertoire, it should be. It has become a part of my “bag of tricks” and I use it ALOT!

To download the song, click on the Namaste ‘n Play cover below:

namaste n play cd

This is a video Petit Papillon Yoga shared on Facebook in August (video quality is not great, but still the best I found to demonstrate the song)…

Have fun with it…we do :)

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